How To Replace Roof Shingles After Wind Damage

Storms bring intense winds that can blow shingles from a roof, especially if they are old, curled in the corners, or improperly installed. If you notice shingle damage, a licensed roofing contractor in Boston will have the expertise to replace shingles on your home. These are the steps that the professionals take to keep your roof watertight and in good condition.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools and Materials

Before you learn how to replace roof shingles to repair wind damage, you need to have the right tools. Besides new roof shingles that match or complement the color of your roof, you’ll also need:

  • A roof ladder tall enough for you to reach the roof safely
  • A roofing hammer 
  • A pry bar
  • Galvanized roofing nails
  • A tool belt
  • A safety harness
  • Asphalt plastic roof cement

It’s important to use special galvanized nails to install new shingles, but you can make substitutions for some of the other tools. For instance, you could use a regular hammer if you don’t have a roofing hammer. A flat shovel can replace a pry bar.

A tool belt isn’t essential equipment for replacing shingles. However, it helps to have a belt where you can safely tuck your tools and supplies while working on the roof. 

Step 2: Set Up Your Ladder and Safety Gear

Once you collect your tools, you need to set everything up. Depending on the height of your house, a fall from the roof could result in serious injury. Many homeowners prefer to let experienced roofers replace their shingles due to the risk of slipping and falling. 

If you’re ready to replace a lifted shingle or two, set the roof ladder’s feet on even ground. A tall enough ladder should extend beyond the height of the roof. It’s a good idea to have a helper secure the ladder as you climb to reduce the risk of an accident. 

Be sure to use a harness to prevent you from falling off the roof onto the ground. You should also wear shoes with thick rubber soles to avoid slips. 

Step 3: Break the Shingle’s Seal and Remove the Nails

Once you’re safely on the roof, approach the damaged shingle carefully. You’ll need to remove the roofing nails that attach the shingle to the roof deck to replace the damaged material.

You might need to break the sealant bond between the shingles to access its nails. Carefully wedge the pry bar or flat shovel under the shingle to break the bond. It’s easier to separate the seal in cool weather when the sealant can break cleanly. 

You’ll also need to break the seal around overlaying shingles to expose the roofing nails fully. When you can access all four nails, use the pry bar to lift the shingle around the nail areas. Lifting the shingle and the roofing nails will minimize damage to the asphalt shingles’ granular surface.

Step 4: Remove Adjacent Roofing Nails

The nails from the shingle that partially covers the affected area will pin the upper edge of the shingle you’re replacing, so you’ll also need to remove those nails according to the previous step.  

Step 5: Replace the Damaged Shingle With the New Shingle

After breaking all bonds and removing all roofing nails that keep the wind-damaged shingle in place, you can carefully remove the affected roofing material. After that, you can slide your new shingle into position. In order for the asphalt shingle replacement to be seamless and effective, the new material must be the same size as the damaged shingle and have a similar color. 

Secure the new shingle in place with galvanized roofing nails. Don’t forget to secure the overlying shingles with nails, too. 

Step 6: Apply a New Seal to the Roofing Shingle

Over time, the sun’s heat causes asphalt roofing shingles to bond to each other, increasing the roofing materials’ wind resistance. However, it’s best to manually seal the new roof shingle to ensure it stays in place. 

You only need a few drops of asphalt plastic roof cement under the replacement shingle’s tabs. 

Turn to HausEx Home Solutions for Reliable Roofing Repair in Boston

Even if you know how to replace roof shingles, it’s best to leave roof repair to the professionals. At HausEx Home Solutions, we specialize in roofing services, including roof repair, replacement, and maintenance. Whether you need help replacing shingles on a gable roof or have a roof leak that’s damaging your commercial roofing system, our licensed contractors can tackle the job correctly the first time. 

Our local HausEx Home Solutions crew goes above and beyond to exceed expectations and guarantee customer satisfaction, so call (508) 928-3932 today to request a free quote. 


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