Choosing the Right Door for Your Home

Whether you’re planning a total renovation or simply touching up your home’s exterior, you might consider shopping for your next front door as one of the easier tasks. However, purchasing and installing a new exterior door requires more thought and attention to detail than many homeowners realize. 

We’ve drafted the following guide to simplify your door selection process. Consider our tips when perusing our exquisite inventory of custom doors in Boston

Preparing To Purchase a New Door

A front door does much more than provide an entryway to your humble abode. These days, it also offers protection, style, and energy efficiency. When you shop at the average retail chain, you’ll find basic exterior doors with limited function. 

Carefully consider how your new door should blend in with the rest of your home. Will it make a statement? Or will you choose a minimal design packed with other features? Outline what you want before visiting nearby door suppliers. Then, research the manufacturers that carry the best fit.  

What Do You Want from Your New Door?

How should your front door serve your home? Explore the features below to decide what works best for your property and needs. 

Privacy and Security

Many homeowners value their privacy. They prefer to keep their habits and belongings hidden from view. Still, others don’t mind sharing a sliver of their world with passersby. They relegate their daily routines to other areas of their homes. 

What amount of privacy do you want from your door? If you prioritize seclusion, consider the following security features:

  • Sturdy materials: Metals like steel and aluminum offer the perfect barrier between your home’s interior and the outside world. They can withstand the elements for years. Trespassers will struggle to bypass their durability and weight. 
  • Heavy-duty hardware: Many homeowners treat hinges and locks like a second thought. However, quality hardware provides added security to doors of all materials. 
  • Textured windows: Perhaps you prefer the ability to peek outside from the safety of your entryway. Opt for textured window treatments instead of traditional panes. You might find gorgeous stained glass or fashionable prismed panes suit your aesthetic and privacy needs. 

Curb Appeal

How will your door blend in with the rest of the neighborhood? Your neighbors probably want the houses surrounding them to reflect a similar level of uniformity. After all, a street of similar houses with quality fixtures can increase curb appeal for all residents. 

Ask your neighbors for stylistic recommendations that also address your privacy considerations. You’re bound to find custom doors in Boston that meet your neighborhood’s decorative leanings  right down to the color selection. 


What other attributes should your door come equipped with? Carefully consider what you want from your front door throughout the changing seasons:

  • Airflow: Many homeowners allow fresh outdoor air to circulate through their homes during the spring and fall. Screen doors are the perfect fixtures for this purpose. They prevent bugs and debris from infiltrating your house while allowing crisp air to enter.
  • Energy efficiency: Exterior doors are often pain points that decrease a building’s energy efficiency. Your door should ideally insulate your home from outdoor air that affects your indoor temperature settings. Fiberglass materials look identical to classic wood while still protecting your comfort year-round. 
  • Openness: Do you frequently host gatherings with neighbors and friends? You need doors that allow easy entries and exits, especially when transferring food to outdoor eating areas. Consider stylish French doors for spacious points of entry. 
  • Practicality: Perhaps you want a strong barrier against the outside world that you can control at the touch of a button. In that case, garage doors provide exceptional control from remote locations. 

Choosing the Best Materials

Next, determine which physical characteristics you want from your new door. The function, curb appeal, and security capabilities will heavily influence which door material you should choose.

When you understand how certain materials perform, you’ll find it easier to decide. The examples listed below include details about how they perform in a residential setting:

  • Metal: While iron, steel, and aluminum provide superior security, they may not look as polished and attractive as other options. 
  • Wood: Wood is a traditional material coveted by many. You can choose wood selections that closely mimic the durability and strength of other materials. However, it doesn’t last as long as metal or fiberglass. 
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass provides unbeatable insulation for improved energy efficiency. It also looks similar to wood and often lasts longer. 

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