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Stylish Doors

Doors play an important role in your home’s functionality. Not only do they serve as the entryway to welcome guests inside, but they also are your first line of defense. At HausEx Home Solutions, we understand how important it is to have a front door that is as stylish as it is secure. We proudly serve the Metro Boston area and we’re dedicated to helping every homeowner find the create the home of their dreams.

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Professional Door Replacement & Installation Services In Boston

Since we began our exterior renovation company, we have had the opportunity to help countless homeowners transform their homes with our door installation services. We have years of experience installing and replacing doors of all shapes and sizes. We know what it takes to get the job done right the first time.

New Construction Doors

Whether you’re building a whole new house or working on an addition, our team can complete a new door installation as part of your construction project. Not only can we help you find the right materials and style to match the rest of the home design, but we can also get the job done quickly so that you can move on to other projects.

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Door Replacements

Over time, your door might start to show signs of wear and tear. It could even become drafty and lead to higher energy bills. When this happens, the best thing to do is replace it with a new, energy-efficient door. Our experts can help you choose a replacement door that fits perfectly in the existing entryway, and we can make sure it complements your home’s existing exterior.

High-Quality Products for Door Replacement & Installation

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Entry Doors

Our designers can help homeowners make a statement with a bold and beautiful entry door. We can also help you choose a material that is durable and secure so that your home is protected. Best of all, our products are designed with efficiency in mind so you can start enjoying energy savings.

Storm Doors

Storm Doors

The elements can be hard on your home’s exterior, and the door is no exception. However, storm doors can help add an extra layer of protection and security. Homeowners especially love that these doors reduce noise and add an extra layer of insulation for more energy efficiency.

Patio Doors

Patio Doors

Transitioning from indoor to outdoor living spaces has never been easier with patio doors. Homeowners can choose from several styles, including French and sliding patio doors. Ask our professionals about the colors and design options that we have to offer!

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Replacement Doors

At HausEx Home Solutions, we offer a wide range of replacement doors from which our customers can choose. In addition to having products to fit every aesthetic, we can fit a wide range of budgets with our pre-fabricated options.

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Custom Doors

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in a door? You’ll be happy to know that we have completely customizable products for our Metro Boston customers. You can sit down with one of our expert designers to choose the color, material, size, windows, hardware, and more!


Door Styles

We know that no two home remodeling projects are the same, so we are happy to work with a variety of door styles. Whether you prefer something sleek and modern or more traditional, we are confident that we will have the right door for your taste and budget.

Our Door Installation Process

When you choose to work with our licensed and certified installers, you can rest assured that we have an effective installation method. Whether you need new doors or a replacement, you can expect our experts to walk you through the entire process, which includes:

In-Home Consultation

After you contact our exterior remodeling company, we schedule a convenient date and time to meet you at your house for a free quote.

Door Design

Our contractors will take measurements and help you customize your door to fit your home, aesthetic, and efficiency goals.

Professional Installation

We know the proper installation methods for every manufacturer so that we can leave our customers with beautiful, long-lasting results.

Reasons to Choose HausEx Home Solutions for Door Installations

While there are plenty of home remodeling projects that are simple enough to DIY, a door replacement shouldn’t be one of them. For the best results, Metro Boston homeowners should choose a reliable company like HausEx Home Solutions. Our contractors go above and beyond to offer the best service through:

Custom Door Replacement Contractors 

We are the premier door installation company in metro Boston. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for transforming homes, we’re dedicated to making your home improvement dreams a reality!
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Want to know more about how much it will cost to install or replace your home’s exterior doors? If so, we encourage you to contact HausEx Home Solutions right away. We are happy to provide you with a free quote at your in-home consultation. Call us or fill out our online form today!

FAQs About Door Replacement

Homeowners should consider a door replacement if they notice the following signs:

  • Damage
  • Warping
  • Drafts
  • Increased Energy Bills
  • Rust
  • Moisture Accumulation
  • Difficulty Opening
While it’s completely up to you to choose a door material, we recommend that homeowners choose entry doors that are secure and durable enough to withstand the Metro Boston winter weather. Steel and premium fiberglass are a couple of great options. Though wood is beautiful, it is more prone to warping.

When compared to other home remodeling projects, a door replacement is relatively quick and simple. However, the exact amount of time can depend on any unique design features, such as sidelights and transoms. In general, homeowners should expect the project to take one day.

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