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Choose HausEx Home Solutions for exceptional window installation and replacement in Boston. Experience top-notch service and lasting quality for your home.

Window Replacement & Installation Services

Elevate your living space with professional window installation services that go beyond the ordinary. Our expert team understands that windows are not just openings; they are gateways to the world around you! Not only do they allow for gorgeous natural light to brighten a room, but they also help keep your space comfortable year round and elevate your home’s curb appeal.

At HausEx Home Solutions, our window installation services cater to every taste and architectural preference. We have skills and experience to transform your home with custom windows while ensuring they are installed safely and to code.

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Full-Service Solutions from Professional Window Installers In Boston

When you choose HausEx Home Solutions, you can rest assured that we have all of your window needs covered. Not only do we stay up to date on best practiced for effective installations and new construction, but we can also help with home remodels and window replacements.
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New Window Installation

Whether you are building a home addition or want to completely change a window style, our contractors are here to help you install a new window–frame and all. We even re-add the interior or exterior and offer a variety of finish options to complement your home’s design.

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Window Replacement

Our professionals can also complete a quick replacement if you simply need to update your home’s existing window. We can install a perfect-fit window in the existing frame, but size isn’t the only customization option. Our designers can also help you choose the finish and hardware.

Premium-Quality Windows

We know that no two homes are the same, so we offer a wide range of window styles from which you can choose. Our designers can help you select the best option for your taste, budget, and goals.
Double Hug Windows

Double Hung Windows

These windows are a timeless design for a good reason. Not only do they suit a variety of home styles, but they also allow for optimum airflow thanks to the double window sashes.

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Bay/Bow Windows

Homeowners can make a statement and add some interior living space with a gorgeous bay or bow window. These windows are made up of at least three windows and can elevate any home.

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Sliding Windows

Looking for an easy-to-operate window? As the name would imply, sliding windows can easily be opened from side to side to increase ventilation in any room.

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Specialty Windows

Windows can be as stylish as they are practical, thanks to specialty window designs. Homeowners can choose from several unique shapes and sizes to add the perfect home design accent.

Picture Windows

Picture Windows

These large windows provide the optimal viewing portal for homeowners to take in their surroundings. They can be a standalone window, but they also pair well with double-hung styles.


Casement Windows

This window style offers maximum ventilation because it can be opened outward fully. That feature also makes the windows easy to clean and optimizes security. Not to mention, the basic look suits many home exteriors.

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Replacement Windows

We offer a wide range of products that can replace whatever existing windows you currently have. Our designers take special care to make sure that you get the right fit every time.

Energy Efficient Windows

Looking to start saving on your energy bill? Upgrading to more efficient windows can dramatically improve your home’s comfort and reduce your heating and cooling usage.

Our Expert Window Replacement Process

We make sure that every contractor is trained in industry-leading replacement and installation techniques. In fact, we guarantee the best results to our customers–thanks to our proven process, which includes the following steps:

Step 1:

Scheduling a Free, In-Home Consultation

Step 2:

Working with a Designer to Choose Products

Step 3:

Professionally Installing All Windows

The HausEx Home Solutions Difference

When homeowners want a local company, they turn to HausEx Home Solutions. Our licensed and certified contractors proudly serve homeowners in and throughout the Metro Boston area. Since we started HausEx Home Solutions, we have worked hard to set our exterior home remodeling company apart from others. As a result, we offer exceptional service with many customer benefits, including:
Window Installation

Window Replacement In Boston

We are the premier window installation company in metro Boston. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for transforming homes, we’re dedicated to making your home improvement dreams a reality!
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At HausEx Home Solutions, we uphold transparency and honesty in every service, from window installation to roofing services in Boston. For that reason, we provide each of our customers with a free, no-obligation estimate before we even begin. If you would like to schedule your in-home consultation, we suggest that you call us today or fill out our online quote form.

FAQs About Windows

Over time, windows start to deteriorate and show signs of wear and tear. This can leave a home vulnerable to the elements, degrade its appearance, diminish its value, and decrease its energy efficiency. Therefore, it’s important that homeowners know some of the most common signs to determine when their home needs a replacement. Homeowners should look for:

  • Drafts of Air
  • Excessive Noise
  • Condensation
  • Difficulty Opening
  • Warping
  • Cracking or Rotting Around Frame
  • Mold Growth

A window replacement or installation doesn’t have to turn your home into a major construction site. In most cases, windows can be installed in as little as one day. However, if you plan to have multiple windows replaced, it could take longer.

On average, homeowners should anticipate each window taking about one hour to install. Keep in mind that difficult placement or other complications might delay the process. However, our experts always make sure that your home is left with no opening overnight.

There are several factors that can influence the total cost of a window replacement or installation. For that reason, we encourage customers to request a free quote for their project. Our contractors can provide a more accurate price based on:

  • The Number of Windows
  • The Size of the Windows
  • Quality of the Windows

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